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914-290-4992 is a Landline Phone in YONKERS, NY

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Comments for 9142904992
  • Got the scam call about final notice the IRS is suing me. I wasn't home. Freaked the wife and kids, though.

    06/26/2015 10:00AM
  • Something about IRS is suing me-my final notice-call this number immediately-yada yada etc...stupid scammers

    06/25/2015 9:15PM
  • Got same message as others, IRS is suing me, I need to call them back ASAP. I feel sorry for anyone who would fall for this.

    06/25/2015 9:09PM
  • Got a recorded message saying from IRS and they had a lawsuit against me and I should call back asap to 914-290-4992. This is the 2nd call I received from them. The first was about 2 wks ago and they said it was an urgent matter and I needed to call them asap. The IRS does not call you they send a certified letter. This is a scam

    06/25/2015 5:10PM
  • terry

    Said they were from the IRS and they were filing a law suit against me. It was a recorded message

    06/25/2015 4:47PM
  • retireeee

    Received a call regarding possible malware or virus infection on my computer.. The individual who called had an Indian accent....I asked how she could possibly know my computer was infected when i have full anti-virus, firewall, and spyware protection thanks to Norton...The answer i received was vague, and non-specific...The number that is on my caller i.d. comes up as unknown...Definitely suspicious, i asked for a number i could call her back, and this was the number she gave me....I told her i was going to check up on this number, and get back with her, and she immediately hung up...Although i did not call the number, from what i have read of other complaints, this is definitely not a legitimate business...

    05/21/2014 4:13PM
  • concerned citizen

    Got a call from someone (Dewayne Rogers) claiming to work with windows support. He stated that something was going on with my computer and wanted remote access. I told him I didn't call for support and wanted his information to call back. He gave me this 9142904992 that according to other post here is a scam, just wanted to share for others who may get this unexpected call.

    04/23/2014 2:43PM
  • Z

    Caller ID came in as 999-999-9999 on my cell-phone ... when I asked the guy to remove my phone number from their list, he was incredibly rude and obnoxious. Insisted I should call back to "his" 914-290-4992 number to speak with him. The number is some so-called PC tech support company in White Plains, New York. Silly web site and they clearly have issues ... based on what I can see from their "complaint box: not really doing anything. I have field a BBB complaint - for what little good that is likely to do. If this dialing harassment continues, i plan to have some friends in New York drop by and see what this so-called business is about. Will see if I can file a charge with local police there too ... but not sure if that is possible and what good that will do either. Extremely annoying ...

    04/12/2014 2:07AM
  • NJnative

    Received many calls. Knew it was a scam from the callers first sentence. They state they were calling for Microsoft and their company name was 24 Tech Care. This is really scary how these people are cold calling and know your first name.

    03/18/2014 1:59PM
  • sllc

    They ID themselves as from Windows, said my computer was generating a lot of traffic and they'd like to remote in. One time I said I didn't have a computer and they still continued pressuring.. definitely not understanding what I said, next time they called I played along for a moment and then said .. they must have the wrong number and he got abusive and asked why did I say ok, ok, to his first two questions. I hung up. Next few times I said no thank you or no computer and this time I asked for a call back number and got this one. Definitely not legit.

    10/30/2013 12:19PM
  • Not Important

    Recieved a call from them saying there were virus''s on computer that he worked for microsoft for only 181.00 he could give protection for 3 years

    07/18/2013 7:08PM
  • concerned daughter

    Same as others. Unsolicited phone call saying they discovered a virus on my mothers computer. She gave them remote access to her computer.

    07/17/2013 2:44PM
  • matrix157

    My husband made the mistake of purchasing a $181.00 security product from 24technocare (9142904992) using our debit card. He forgot that I had advised him in the past to NEVER use the debit card to make online purchases. As soon as he provided them with the information, $$523 was sucked out of our checking account. And, of course, 24technocare (9142904992) is refusing to cooperate. NEVER purchase any product from 24technocare!!!!!!

    06/06/2013 11:31AM
  • E peck

    a family member posted this morning that she had received a call from a man named Jack telling her that she had a problem with her windows os telling her that the problem was detected over the phone line that her computer was hooked to and wanted to help. he also told her that he worked for Microsoft and it would be no charge. 1st off she is not using a land line and 2nd as much as i would like to say Microsoft is that worried about the people that use there software i have never in my 15 years of working on systems had them call and say oh we have found a problem with there software and if you call them most of the time it is not free . hope this helps

    02/08/2013 4:27PM
  • Key

    I am a computer tech and I just got a call from my friend. He said tj\hat Susan Williams @914-290-4992 called him and said his computer was infected and wanted him to pay to remove the virus. he actually allowed her to take over the operating system she started clicking on all kinds of things and asked him for 200 to fix it. this is a scam he has no idea how she got his number or how she started taking over his computer dont pay yhem a dime

    06/21/2012 9:50PM
  • AnnieR

    Someone called one of our field sales representatives from this number -- "Justin". He said he needed to clean up spyware. She had the good sense to not let him onto her computer even though he tried to convince her he was from her support organization. She also let us know, which was good through our field help desk. She has corporate equipment. Thanks for the earlier posters. I have escalated internally within our corporation.

    06/14/2012 4:47PM
  • joe lopez

    I too got a call from them. Fellow named Jack. Jack wanted to help me navigate my Windows OS to eliminate spware/malware that was supposedly sending out alot of stuff to them. I said that I would not because I don't know enough about PCs and that my local Pc Tech would need to be involved. He said they were professionals. i did not go for it. I asked for a URL. He gave me www.24technocare,com. He also said something about IRS meaning something about internet communication or protocol or something. He was quite convincing and had a sense of urgency about his rapid talking. But when someone is offering me such wonderful unsolicited assistance I have to wonder. Plus even if my PC was sending alot of garbage out, how in the world did they tie it my phone number? Thank You but no Thanks. God Bless Everyone!

    05/23/2012 1:36AM
  • Carol Allen

    The told me that my computer was at risk and wanted to guide me through my Windows Operating System to help me find viruses and spyware etc. I don't know where or how they got my telephone number but when questioned they would not give me any information about them other than this phone number and still wanted into my Windows Operating System. Of course I didn't do it.

    04/23/2012 2:02PM

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