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920-547-4141 is a Landline Phone in SHEBOYGAN, WI

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  • 70
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  • 85
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Comments for 9205474141
  • iPhone User

    Has called twice but still hasn't left a message. Annoying spam.

    07/29/2013 1:49PM
  • john

    Got three calls from this number in one week. Finally answered the 3rd call and some guy named Jeff came on the line. He said, that finally, my cheese had been graded as "ready" and that it would be shipped to me within 24 hours. Good news.

    07/19/2013 7:38PM
  • JO

    This # Called my cell # let ring 3 times, then disconnected. I do not even know anyone in that area and it bothers me that someone is calling my number, whom shouldn't even have my cell #. I have a lot of ill family and friends and calls like this send me into a tizzy because I think it could be an important call to report on my family, but when I find out it is SPAM- that just makes me livid!! BEWARE- someone is giving out cell #'s that shouldn't be. Hope I can get to the bottom of this!

    07/18/2013 11:24AM
  • Charles

    Answered the phone and someone with what sounds like a VOX headset greeted me from JB Positions. Even though I told them I didn't fill out the survey they still pressed to sign me up. I told them no thank you. They hung up without the courtesy of a good bye. Other listings seem to say WN Positions was the greeting company, so they may have changed names.

    07/16/2013 5:04PM
  • It's the same guy everytime calling... He says his name is Chris and doesn't give you the chance to speak and when you do finally get a word in to ask do not call he hangs up and keeps calling

    07/16/2013 3:31PM
  • Joe

    Call about a survey for jobs. When said I didn't take any survey, they hang up

    07/16/2013 10:00AM
  • iphone mf

    got two calls from this number one week apart. When I answer there is a pause and then disconnect.

    07/15/2013 8:49PM
  • iPhone User

    Call about a survey for jobs. When said I didn't take any survey, they hang up

    07/15/2013 8:31PM
  • Received two calls from this number. The first time there was no answer, and the second time they hung up on me.

    07/15/2013 2:06PM
  • Android User

    called said I completed a survey online but haven't in over 6 months then they hung up

    07/14/2013 4:27PM
  • iPhone User


    07/14/2013 10:22AM
  • bigs

    called me but was all a recording about that I did a survey? well I don't recall doing one cause I didn't. total scam don't pick up.

    07/13/2013 8:48PM
  • RBC

    got the call when I answered they hung up.

    07/13/2013 7:10PM
  • hornywetbitchfuckmehard


    07/13/2013 6:02PM
  • 12-year old kid


    07/13/2013 11:25AM
  • iPhone User

    Who is this

    07/13/2013 9:14AM
  • iPhone User

    Spam fuckers !!!!

    07/12/2013 4:25PM
  • How to stop them

    Do not answer or call these people back. They have an option to have them stop calling but it will not work. They will not remove you from their calling list. It is best to ignore the calls and report them to the proper authorities as explained below. Go to these two websites and fill out the forms on both sites to complain. They will only do something if they receive multiple complaints. One is the FCC and the other is the National Do Not Call Registry. 1. Do Not Call Registry - https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx 2. FCC - http://www.fcc.gov/complaints

    07/12/2013 10:42AM
  • iPhone User

    Called at 6 am two days in a row.

    07/11/2013 12:53PM
  • Ron

    Got 2 calls recently - one at 5:51 PM on 7-10-13 which hung up after three rings - no message. Second one was 11:01 AM on 7-11-13. Answered phone and said hello several times with no response. Hung up and started searching for number. This was on my unlisted cell phone - never give the number out.

    07/11/2013 12:34PM
  • Wally D.

    This known spammer called my cell phone # at 7 am local time. It rang 3 times and then disconnected before I could answer it.

    07/10/2013 4:06PM
  • Carla Coco

    got the call, answered and heard a beep, which then disconnected

    07/09/2013 7:58PM
  • Android User


    07/09/2013 6:53PM
  • iphone user

    I heard a beep; then a computer automated female voice which said "Good Bye".

    07/09/2013 4:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam. I supposedly took a survey and gave them my number. Both of which were false.

    07/09/2013 3:36PM
  • iPhone User

    Called my cell - no message left - spammer

    07/09/2013 1:11PM
  • They said they were calling from the PA physicians survey I took online. I did not take a survey & they said I told them, I am looking for a job which I did not. .

    07/09/2013 12:12PM
  • Aj

    didnt answer, and never called before!

    07/08/2013 6:47PM
  • iPhone User


    07/08/2013 6:07PM
  • someone has sold some numbers to this telemarketing company trying to get people enrolled in school programs at schools for profit.....

    07/08/2013 4:22PM
  • Spaminator

    Area code 920 is Wisconsin Cant imagine who would call me from there. Didnt answer ...didn't know number.

    07/08/2013 3:39PM
  • iPhone User

    Received call but no message was left...

    07/08/2013 1:37PM
  • Android User

    Received a call from said number, didn't answer it as I didn't know the number..

    07/08/2013 11:32AM
  • call me and said that did a survey (did not)they said I told them, I am looking for a job which I (did not).

    07/06/2013 7:16PM
  • PSLLady

    Recieved a call fromthis number, didn't answer didn't know the number

    07/06/2013 2:12PM
  • caron

    Received a call from this number, did not answer as I do not know the owner of this number nor anyone from this area code...no message was left, will add to my block list.

    07/06/2013 11:49AM
  • iPhone User

    No one knows my phone number but a few people. Def a scam. I have Never used this number to reference anything. Don't know how they even got it.

    07/05/2013 1:36PM
  • call me and said that I am looking for a job which actually I did not.

    07/04/2013 9:49PM
  • Matty'O

    Received the call a 2:05pm. Sounded like one syllable of a female voice followed by a beep and a hang-up.

    07/04/2013 5:53PM
  • pampermepretti

    hung call when i answered ..was a female voice

    07/04/2013 1:54PM
  • astro

    Male voice claiming to be named Joseph Peters called at 5:10pm July 3rd. He claims he is calling about the "job opportunity" you inquired about online (lies), and then starts a pitch about "going back to school for more education". Definitely a phishing scam. There is a long delay between your responses and his. I think it may be a computer playing back the recorded voice of someone. After I asked several times for details on the "job opportunity", it hung up on me. When you call back, the message indicates it is "WN Positions", and to hit 9 to have your number removed from their list.

    07/03/2013 5:58PM
  • iPhone User

    Called me than hung up

    07/03/2013 5:35PM
  • Vermonter

    Digital ear blasting noise when phone answered then hung up on us..

    07/03/2013 5:22PM
  • Robo call left a message indicating they got my number from a job site. They asked to call back if I was interested in assistance for a job.

    07/03/2013 4:43PM
  • Android User

    This number keep calling my phone i picked up the phone nobody on it dont know this number wish they stop call do any body know the number to do not call list

    07/03/2013 4:14PM
  • I received a call on my cell and did not answer. I did not recognize the number, so no answer.

    07/01/2013 4:00PM
  • KM

    I received a call while on the phone with my mother. When I called the number back I was told it was WN positions calling about an inquiry I made on the internet looking for work. In the recording they said to press 1 to speak to a representative or press 9 to stop future callings. Pressed 9 twice in order for it to work. Will see if they call again

    06/26/2013 7:55PM
  • M Fetherston

    They hung up after I answered.

    06/25/2013 12:17PM
  • Nj

    I got a call 9:01 A.M. on my cell phone. They did not respond when I answered only hung up. I am on the no call list and have been for over a year. Why isn't that working for spam calls?

    06/25/2013 10:44AM
  • iPhone User

    They called my phone number when I just got the new number and never gave it to anuone or ever called anyone from it yet. Thats telling me that thay must be calling random number or going down the list of numbers.

    06/25/2013 1:47AM
  • iPhone User

    Called a d hung up when I answered. Strange ad I am on the do not call registry.

    06/24/2013 1:53PM
  • Michigan

    Robo call, about a job, totally unsolicited. They are looking to obtain your personal info. W,N ,POSITIONS

    06/24/2013 12:24PM
  • iPhone User

    They called the phone ranged once and they hung up...never called back again. Very weird...

    06/23/2013 9:41PM
  • Beautyland

    Received a call on my cell phone on June 18th at 9:31am in Maryland. I didnt answer and they didnt leave a VM. According to the internet this # is associated with SPAM.

    06/19/2013 6:32PM
  • Jstar

    *Spammer. WN Positions.* When you call the number back, you get the recording. Recording states to push *9* and enter your phone number if you want them to 'update their records'....not advisable, since that most likely will result in them adding your number to their list of 'active' numbers to call instead of getting your number removed from the list they already have. Im beginning to wonder about the 'do not call registry'....I just got a brand new phone and haven't made a single call on it, and got spam called right after setting my number up with the do not call registry...someone there is passing on a list..

    06/18/2013 3:04PM
  • Kloyeegay

    I received two calls back to back from this number on June 18, 2013. Upon answering my phone the caller immediately hung up. At approximately 14 minutes after the first call, the same number (920)547-4141 called my phone again. On the second call the caller did not immediately hang up but stayed on the phone not responding to my numerous hello's. I could hear people talking in back ground but not so loud that it was audible to me. After several minutes of no response the caller hung up. Approximately 1 1/2 months ago I enter my phone number on the Feds "Do Not Call Registry" but after today I am thinking that maybe I should re-enter my number on the Registry.

    06/18/2013 2:28PM
  • received a call form 9205474141, hung up before anyone spoke.

    06/18/2013 1:24PM
  • Ken

    Last week I got a similar call from 318-239-4056. Apparently we'll get one call per week from these folks until justice is served on this spam call bullying scam. I entered my number on the federal government's Do Not Call Registry, last week, but it may take a while to get some traction. A day before I got last week's call, I had given my contact information to VistaPrint to get some free return address labels, but I don't remember giving my personal information to any other company in the previous month. I suspected that VistaPrint was the one guilty of selling my information to these unethical bully callers and asked VistaPrint to delete all my information from their records and never sell my information to anyone ever again. They claimed they weren't the ones who sold the information, but I can't think of any other reason for our receiving these calls. Did anyone else register for free return address labels prior to receiving these spam calls?

    06/15/2013 12:30PM
  • iPhone User

    Called at 0845 am, didn't leave a voicemail

    06/15/2013 10:34AM
  • iPhone User

    They called from Sheyboygan, Wisconsin!! Didn't answer the call!!

    06/12/2013 1:40PM
  • iPhone User

    Said it was from Wisconsin!!

    06/12/2013 1:39PM
  • iPhone User

    They just called at 11:57am and left no message. Didn't answer!!!

    06/12/2013 1:38PM
  • iPhone User


    06/12/2013 12:49PM
  • Angelica

    Says its WN or WM Physicians. & I was online and wanted info on employment? I dont think so!!!!

    06/11/2013 1:18PM
  • Sara

    Received call at 3:32 CST on 6/10/2013. Did not answer, no voicemail left.

    06/10/2013 6:07PM
  • Me2

    Did not pick up call; they left no message

    06/06/2013 7:44PM
  • tracey

    Just called. Didnt leave a message

    06/05/2013 9:56PM
  • Tori

    they just called me and hung up when I answered the phone

    06/04/2013 11:26AM
  • Steph

    Received a call and hung up before I could answerr.

    06/03/2013 4:20PM
  • PK

    Called my number and didn't leave a message. Since I don't know anyone from SHEBOYGAN, WI, I am sure this is a spammer..

    06/03/2013 1:43PM
  • Michelle

    Called number back from my land line its a job posting/recruiting company

    06/03/2013 11:02AM
  • Mark

    Called my cell at 6:12PM. No response on answer but I might have answered too late, no message left.

    06/01/2013 9:40PM
  • RC

    Received call on my cell June 1, 2013. I did not answer and set it to ignore it; they left no message.

    06/01/2013 4:09PM
  • Me

    Received call on my cell June 1, 2013. I did not answer and set it to ignore it; they left no message.

    06/01/2013 2:01PM
  • SO23

    Got a call from this #. Immediately disconnected and was shown on phone as an unanswered phone call. Immediately thereafter, phone rang again and when I answered they hung up before I could say a word, heard the disconnect.

    06/01/2013 11:43AM
  • Fly

    Received a call on 06/01/13 around 10.30am, was hung up on

    06/01/2013 11:11AM
  • Rafa

    Got a call, answered, was hung up on.

    05/31/2013 8:22PM
  • Jen

    Called me at 10:04am EST today (5/31/2013). I did not answer. No message was left.

    05/31/2013 5:06PM
  • R.

    Received a call at 3:22pm (CST) on 5/31/13. I answered then was hung up on.

    05/31/2013 5:04PM
  • J

    Received call @ 12:25pm (EST) today. I let it ring-out. No voice-mail was left. Seems like it just blasted a ton of people, from the notes below.

    05/31/2013 1:04PM
  • E

    Received a call at 12:04 pm EST on 5/31/2013 but no response when I answered (just hung up).

    05/31/2013 12:41PM
  • Chi

    Got a phone call from 9205474141, pick up but they hang up. Not sure if it is a spammer or not5/31/2013 11:34 AM EST

    05/31/2013 12:14PM
  • C.

    Hung up as soon as I answered.

    05/31/2013 11:58AM
  • Caleb

    Called, hung up

    05/31/2013 11:20AM
  • Denise Few

    Received a call and then hung up on.

    05/31/2013 10:06AM

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