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949-286-3973 is a Landline Phone in IRVINE, CA

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Comments for 9492863973
  • Jim O

    Verizon Survey for service.

    05/15/2015 11:19AM
  • dwg

    This is a Verizon Wireless survey call

    04/02/2015 10:25AM
  • This is a scam! I received a text message regarding a job that I was looking for on Craig's List.

    03/18/2015 1:25AM
  • lulu

    Verizon following up on customer service call I made earlier in day. Gave me an 866# to call. Ya like I have that kinda time on my hands.

    02/18/2015 11:47AM
  • Who is this

    02/04/2015 11:14AM
  • Iam Toofine

    I have received 3 calls so far with this number, I have blocked it on my phone.

    11/21/2014 8:40AM
  • I received a call from this # today even though I did NOT call Verizon (message stated that it was a survey from my call into Verizon today). I hung up on the call and then called into verizon (ultimately being transferred into their fraud dept). I was told that all verizon #'s were toll free and they were not showing any numbers beginning with 949. The rep also confirmed that no one had called into my acct today. She said this is a scam

    10/17/2014 4:57PM
  • I, m turning this phone number into the police to see who is calling this phone

    09/16/2014 3:19PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon survey follow up.

    09/13/2014 10:45AM
  • Colleen

    Verizon support survey - this is not a spammer

    09/08/2014 9:30AM
  • iPhone

    Verizon follow up...

    08/21/2014 11:14AM
  • Verizon survey about a support call I made to them.

    08/19/2014 12:20PM
  • Hottie

    Survey...and the Verizon Customer Rep was very nice...!!

    08/18/2014 11:59AM
  • Marley

    Could not answer the phone so don't know what it's about. But I did have several conversations with verizon wireless support yesterday, so from what I learned from other users on this page, it's probably related to that.

    08/18/2014 11:23AM
  • iPhone User

    Ok call from verizon satisfaction survey

    08/13/2014 6:32PM
  • Pete

    Verizon Wireless satisfaction survey follow up call. (I did call Verizon an hour before, for something regarding my wireless account, so it's legit as far as I am concerned) They do want you to call an 866 number to complete the survey, which I wont do.... But I wouldn't classify it as spam.

    07/22/2014 4:17PM
  • lee

    Verizon phone survey

    07/02/2014 3:40PM
  • Android User

    canned but legitimate callback from Verizon Wireless support.

    06/27/2014 1:38PM
  • 949-286-3973

    06/25/2014 6:39PM
  • Vi An. la Baron

    Yes, just a few minutes ago. Did not answer as did not recognize number

    06/19/2014 8:08PM
  • Android User

    Verizon wireless customer satisfaction survey

    06/17/2014 8:19PM
  • iPhone User

    No message left. Calls all the time! What a pain.

    05/29/2014 4:17PM
  • Bethany Cataldo

    Two cell phone calls from 949-286-3973 today, May 26, 2014, Memorial Day. One at 6:42p and one at 7:13p. I didn't answer either call because I have seen warnings online not to.

    05/26/2014 7:56PM
  • Android User

    Verizon Follow Up. funny thing is I am still on the phone with them, the issue isn't resolved.

    04/18/2014 4:09PM
  • Android User

    Verizon follow up

    04/16/2014 7:31PM
  • iPhone User


    03/31/2014 3:22PM
  • Verizon Employee

    It is not Spam or Phishing, it is a Customer Care Satisfaction Survey. You will get a call from this number after you contact Care or Tech Support.

    03/27/2014 10:51AM
  • CLAIMS TO BE VERIZON...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHISHING

    03/26/2014 6:43PM
  • Android User

    Verizon. not spam.

    03/12/2014 1:20PM
  • kris

    Verizon custom satisfaction survey after interaction with Customer Support. Not spam.

    02/27/2014 5:24PM
  • iPhone User


    02/13/2014 2:00PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon follow up

    02/05/2014 4:11PM
  • iPhone User


    01/24/2014 4:38PM
  • MinusMan

    verizon follow up call, after calling customer service.....no worries

    01/21/2014 10:25PM
  • Android User

    Verizon calling for a brief customer survey ..

    01/21/2014 9:16PM
  • iPhone User

    Must be Verizon follow up call, I got it right after calling as well

    01/08/2014 3:23PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon customer satisfaction call

    12/13/2013 1:47PM
  • Android User


    12/12/2013 6:47PM
  • Android User

    Say Dawg we discuss that it better for the Red Skin to win rather than the Giants? Im confused???!?!

    12/01/2013 10:03PM
  • Android User

    Number is apparently a Verizon connection update link

    11/21/2013 3:24PM
  • iPhone User

    I was on the phone with Verizon as well when this number appeared. They left no message.

    11/15/2013 7:19PM
  • iPhone User

    I was on the phone to verizon when they called from this number no voicemail left. When I called it back they said the number was disconnected.

    10/16/2013 2:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Thanks :)

    10/14/2013 3:07PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon survey. They will keep calling. And calling. And calling.....

    09/20/2013 9:20AM
  • iPhone User

    I did not answer because I had just hung the phone up from calling them, I need some breathing time first. I must say, they do the this survey stuff quite promptly...

    09/13/2013 5:01PM
  • Android User

    This customer service representative would be 5 stars out of 5 stars, if I actually get to the phone.

    09/07/2013 5:25PM
  • This is a Verizon survey call that you only receive if you have recently spoken with a Verizon rep (who was by the way very helpful).

    08/06/2013 4:05PM
  • Gary

    Verizon survey

    06/24/2013 11:03AM
  • verizon survey so just answer and tcb

    06/19/2013 7:58PM
  • iPhone User


    06/17/2013 9:41PM
  • iPhone User

    Follow up call from Verizon, Automated phone survey.

    06/09/2013 7:32PM
  • alex

    Survey. Just remember the survey is about the service the last rep you spoke with. Its not for a store or what was done in the past only about service provided by lat rep.

    05/29/2013 2:14AM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon calling me

    05/03/2013 4:30PM
  • iPhone User

    Do not accept

    04/30/2013 7:39PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon survey, if you don't do the survey the call and call and call. This sucks I hate surveys.

    04/25/2013 5:58PM
  • iPhone User

    (229) 220-0849

    04/20/2013 11:42AM
  • Priscilla

    They called to hear about my experience with customer service. Verizon did a great job! I had to do the survey because I was very satisfied with the new way they are able to go on your smart phone "like a computer" and fix the problem for you. It is very cost efficient for them, time efficient for the customer. Also the customer service rep was awesome, totally down to earth and not outsourced from another country. Thank You Verizon.

    04/19/2013 2:58PM
  • iPhone User

    This is an automated Verizon survey, on second call they left a message saying "call back from your cell phone within 24 hours to take the survey" This is annoying, but it creates "accountability" for the CSR I think its better when you have the option to stay on the line to take the survey if you want. At the very least they should warn you the call may follow yours.

    04/17/2013 12:42PM
  • P.K.

    Verizon survey after talking with Verizon

    04/03/2013 10:22PM
  • Android User

    Verizon survey

    03/15/2013 2:43PM
  • iPhone User

    Had just talk to Verizon billing department with billing issue. Have no idea why they call back I didn't answer

    03/07/2013 1:38PM
  • SNL

    Called back and said it was a Verizon # no longer in service

    03/06/2013 1:00PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon customer service. I had just called and talked to tech support..

    02/28/2013 5:51PM
  • iPhone User

    Checking to see if tech support had fixedly ap issues... They did ! Ty

    02/05/2013 2:54PM
  • Tammy

    Missed the call. No v-mail left.

    01/24/2013 8:34PM
  • Android User

    Verizon customer service survey.

    01/08/2013 3:52PM
  • Android User


    12/13/2012 2:49PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon survey

    11/29/2012 10:38AM
  • iPhone User

    I spoke with them wanted to know If I was pleased with the recent customer service I had with Verizon

    11/27/2012 3:33PM
  • it's verizon wireless' customer satisfaction survey

    10/05/2012 2:03PM
  • Android User

    Verizon survey

    09/18/2012 3:54PM
  • Android User


    09/16/2012 11:10AM
  • Verizon Customer

    Verizon survey

    09/15/2012 1:32PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon survey

    09/14/2012 12:33PM
  • This was a follow up survey to assess my satisfaction with an earlier conversation with Verizon Wireless service person.

    09/14/2012 11:49AM
  • Android Phone user

    Got a call from this number 949-286-3973 about 40mins ago, didn't know the number and refuse to answer to it, but im sure they will be calling back. .

    09/04/2012 11:34AM
  • Adverage Dude

    It is a survey company and they suck.

    08/20/2012 6:54PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon survey

    07/25/2012 11:27AM
  • Android User

    verizon wireless servey for the call you made to them within the last 24 hours. you could call it back and to complete the servey let them know how they suck.

    07/13/2012 12:20PM
  • Android User

    Verizon survey

    07/12/2012 3:52PM
  • iPhone User

    Not a spammer just version asking how their customer support was

    06/28/2012 5:15PM
  • iPhone User

    It's Verizon automated survey system.

    06/18/2012 4:29PM


    06/15/2012 3:48PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon feedback

    06/15/2012 9:23AM
  • seems in line with other comments, had just gotten off with verizon tech support, this number called, i did not pick up, they did not leave a message

    06/14/2012 12:29PM
  • ctraider@gmail.com

    Seems consistent with others comments. I called Verizon 30 min ago about issues I was having then received a call from this number shortly after.

    06/11/2012 1:15PM
  • Android User

    Verizon calls to see how our last communication with their customer service department went.

    05/30/2012 6:26PM
  • Android User

    seems consistent with others comments. I called Verizon an hour ago about issues I was having then received a call from this number shortly after.

    05/18/2012 9:24AM
  • Android User

    did not answer, no message left

    05/17/2012 1:57PM
  • Android User

    it is a short servy i got it to and it only called me once

    05/11/2012 3:33AM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon solicitation.

    05/10/2012 9:28AM
  • Android User

    Verizon feedback call

    05/04/2012 12:25AM
  • j

    Received call after a call to verizon about SPAM.... what a-holes!

    05/01/2012 9:17AM
  • Android User

    Verizon automated customer satisfaction survey.

    04/23/2012 9:32AM
  • k. crook

    Got a call from this number today. First a woman claiming to be a grandmother who wanted me to talk to her grand daughter for some emails missed recived. I dont know how they even got my cell number to begin with. She claimed that she had been receiving all of my Verizon wireless emails. She asked me my name at first i refused to tell her until she said her name which was indeed mine. She then proceded to try to fish other info from me, ie: email address, SS#. etc which i would not give. I then contacted Verizon Wireless to make sure everything on my account was ok and it was. This has to be a scam of some sort. Then sortly after i got off the phone with customer service they tried to call again, we did not answer.

    04/22/2012 2:25PM
  • Android User

    do not the call, not interested ...

    04/16/2012 9:19AM
  • iPhone User

    Called 3 times in 5 minutes. Vzw survey call left message 3rd call.

    04/12/2012 2:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Why don't you call someone else and drive them crazy because you know how no matter how many times you called I still don't want to talk to you

    04/11/2012 5:59PM
  • iPhone User

    Don't you understand nobody likes you how does that make you feel

    04/11/2012 5:59PM
  • iPhone User

    What does it take for you to stop calling us we don't want to talk to you bye-bye

    04/11/2012 5:58PM
  • iPhone User

    Anytime you talk to Verizon Wireless this company will call you and bug you

    04/11/2012 1:33PM
  • iPhone User

    I resent the fact that Verizon Wireless would have you call me

    04/11/2012 1:32PM
  • iPhone User

    Please don't ever call again no one wants to talk to you. You sure have a loser job.

    04/11/2012 1:30PM
  • iPhone User

    If there was such a thing as 150% spam you'd be the one to get it

    04/11/2012 1:28PM
  • iPhone User

    Do you ever get the feeling that no one likes you

    04/11/2012 1:27PM
  • iPhone User

    Hey fuzz Nuts stop calling and bugging me no one wants to talk to you so adios amigo

    04/11/2012 1:27PM
  • GP

    No message left. Useless buggers!

    04/10/2012 3:26PM
  • Spammer call to cell phone

    04/10/2012 2:59PM
  • Greeneyes

    Who is this? No message....

    04/07/2012 1:12PM
  • just hung up with verizon, probably a customer service survey.

    03/18/2012 1:41PM
  • iPhone User


    03/13/2012 1:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Survey call from Verizon Wireless

    02/21/2012 6:23PM
  • Android User

    the tech calls are recorded anyway and they ask if all was well. why bug me after i hang up?

    02/06/2012 9:51AM
  • iPhone User

    Ditto Verizon feedback call. What a hastle!

    01/30/2012 3:51PM
  • iPhone User

    The survey is about wheather you are a happy sucker after you paid excesive monthly payment and fees.

    01/11/2012 9:15AM
  • iPhone User

    It's a survey and they called me at 7:15 pm..

    01/09/2012 8:21PM
  • iPhone User

    Survey call

    12/30/2011 4:35PM
  • Android User

    def a survey call

    12/20/2011 10:50AM
  • Android User

    I also got this after a Verizon service call!

    12/08/2011 2:22PM
  • iPhone User

    Called Verizon to block an earlier spam call...just received call from this number. Survey.

    12/05/2011 1:42PM
  • they called twice in a row. and yes, i HAD just gotten off the phone with Verizon, though I was talking to them via my Landline, which is not a Verizon account. this is a great service! I was so worried I had missed an actual IMportant Call.

    12/05/2011 1:41PM
  • Android User

    I had just got off the phone with Verizon and 5 min later I got a phone call from this number... I think it was a survey...

    11/15/2011 1:26PM
  • iPhone User

    If it isn't Verizon, then how come they call after you speak w Verizon ? In other words, how do they know you just spoke w customer service? I think they are selling our #'s!

    11/13/2011 10:23AM
  • Android User

    spam is spam

    11/01/2011 1:58PM
  • Android User

    They leave a Voicemail of scratchy sounding electronic music for several mins & then when u call back says it's Verizon wireless survey. Sounds suspicious. I didn't continue the call back & hung up after I heard automated msg saying it was a Verizon wireless survey.

    10/24/2011 12:29PM
  • Android User

    Verizon automated customer satisfaction survey.

    10/19/2011 11:48AM
  • former t-mobile user

    just a survey about customer satisfaction. no spam

    10/03/2011 10:36AM
  • iPhone User


    09/23/2011 11:40AM
  • DBCee

    When I did not pick-up the call, they left a voice-mail message that began with several seconds of "music" or electronic tones. When they finally left a message, they claimed to be Verizon Wireless wishing to have me call them back at (866) 274-0089 to conduct a customer satisfaction survey as a follow-up to my recent contact with tech support. Another misguided Verizon effort that leaves a poor taste in the customer's mouth.

    08/25/2011 11:18AM
  • shawn

    they call me every other day

    08/15/2011 6:45PM
  • vzw customer

    I called verizon about a billing issue. This number called me about an hour later to take a survey about my experience. Its not verizon, just someone they hired to do the surveys. Which means they probably work for other companies as well.

    03/29/2011 12:00AM
  • Laura

    This was a Verizon Wireless customer satisfaction survey.

    03/29/2011 12:00AM
  • Delapis

    I keep receiving phone calls from this number and after checking online have discovered that it's a telemarketer and NOT Verizon Wireless.How can telemarketing calls be stopped? I definitely do not want them to call my cell phone.

    03/27/2011 12:00AM
  • the retarded Verizon they are thieves and congress is doing nothing about it

    02/10/2011 8:18AM
  • Todd

    Are they paying for the call? Did I ask them to call me?

    02/04/2011 9:07AM


    01/29/2011 12:00AM
  • Hankster43

    Who's number is this?

    01/19/2011 12:00AM
  • Joe V

    I just called Verizon wirelss for something.  from the other responces it is them calling back.  They really should have "Verizon Wireless" in their caller ID so we know who it is calling.  They also call my home number all the time and the cller ID says "Toll Free Number."

    01/19/2011 12:00AM
  • tori byrd

    Keep getting calls from 949-286-3973 , when I am preparing for a presentation or writing an important letter, I get interupted

    01/13/2011 12:00AM
  • ALS

    This is NOT VERIZON wireless!!!!! It is a telemarketer! I called Verizon and spoke to a rep. about these calls. She told me if Verizon calls your phone be it a landline or cell phone it will always be a 1-800 number. Report any other supposed Verizon calls to the FCC. The other number that may call is 910-378-4174 I have gotten that one, it is also a fake!!!!

    01/12/2011 12:00AM
  • Anonymous

    AT&T offering free unlimited service for a year with a free iPhone 4. They told me people usually just hang up, but I've been using it for 5 months now.

    01/03/2011 12:00AM
  • Vicki

    Survey to check customer service call.

    01/03/2011 12:00AM
  • Me

    Just had the number come up after having yahoo and facebook accounts hacked.... I'm suspicious!

    12/20/2010 12:00AM
  • paul

    Verizon Wireless Survey

    12/15/2010 12:00AM
  • Nick

    Got a call from the number 949-286-3973.  No one was on the line.

    10/21/2010 12:00AM
  • S

    It's a callback number for a Verizon Wireless survey.

    08/04/2010 12:00AM
  • Verizon Dolts

    Got to love this! It's Verizon calling to ask a phone survey of service provided. My phone will not ring and you can only leave messages. That is why I called the mentally challenged department of redundancy department !

    06/17/2010 1:58PM
  • Serena

    Got a call from this # but did not answer it.

    05/18/2010 12:00AM
  • brains

    if you call verizon wireless customer service, they ask if you're willing to be part of a survey. if you agree, this is the number that calls you back to complete the survey. no big deal.

    05/12/2010 4:27PM
  • ut

    calls, not known

    05/12/2010 3:08PM
  • Mark in Tennessee

    No complaint. I asked to complete a Verizon survey after talking to Verizon Customer Service.

    05/10/2010 10:35AM
  • kk

    thanks. just realized thats who it was when i didn't answer.

    04/28/2010 12:00AM
  • Susan

    Verizon automated call to take a survey, more than once. - I have NEVER had Verizon as my carrier!

    04/11/2010 11:23AM
  • Susan

    Verizon automated call to take a survey, more than once. - I have NEVER had Verizon as my carrier!

    04/11/2010 12:00AM
  • dc

    called on a sat morning and hung up

    02/27/2010 12:00AM
  • Jeri Elder

    it's a survey for verizon wireless.

    02/12/2010 12:00AM
  • frank

    keeps cALLLIN

    02/04/2010 6:49AM
  • Izzy

    This is a Verizon Wireless Survey number to find out how effective their Customer Service was when assisting customers either with Technical Support, Billing and/or other services.

    01/05/2010 12:00AM
  • Las Vegas

    It's for Verizon wireless survey....

    12/22/2009 12:00AM
  • Lisa R

    It's Verizon wireless.

    12/21/2009 12:00AM
  • Eric

    Did not leave a voice message.

    11/04/2009 12:00AM

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