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  812-370-4275 July 5th 2020 4:39pm

Calling about my Medicare and I don't have Medicare

  702-570-9052 July 5th 2020 4:21pm

Anonymous This number left a text that was a threat to myself on my phone on a Sunday morning which lead me to search the number. This is NOT the first time

  628-214-6733 July 5th 2020 4:20pm

Anonymous Pls help me identify the owner of this number

  714-725-2413 July 5th 2020 4:19pm

Not a spammer

  714-725-2413 July 5th 2020 4:18pm

This caller is not a spammer

  720-285-3916 July 5th 2020 4:18pm

Janet Smith This is scammer text you and send he send a google code to steal your data

  657-364-6329 July 5th 2020 4:17pm

They missed me. I was home

  949-549-6852 July 5th 2020 4:14pm

Hey, is this (my name)? I trid to deliver a delivery for you but you were not home, please go to Trans. I block one and then get another one from a different number. If it is not a delivery, it is a weight loss issue or a pill for men.

  805-471-2547 July 5th 2020 4:10pm

My name your fat would shrink with one cuppa a day I get these calls and amazon and some pill for me, all with my name, all from different numbers. I block one and I get a new one the next day. Don't know how to make them stop.

  760-908-1898 July 5th 2020 4:09pm

“ Our product makes brothers over 50 perform like a pornstar. We still have free samples, Kateresea:“ and more like this. My name is not Kateresea.












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