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  321-757-0866 May 26th 2018 1:51pm

Allofus Lol what a loser. I knew this monster in 1999-2001, when he went to jail after he tried to kill me. That was 18, February 2001...... Makes send he has two counts ( SEPARATE dates, SAME charges ) of assault on a family member (!), how *funny*, due to the fact that when he was a teen, he punched his own MOTHER, while in a brutal altercation with another person as she just tried to reason with him--- her own son...and he hit her so hard she now has a permanent disfigurement to her face.

  808-313-0151 May 26th 2018 1:43pm

M M Call me

  863-271-9411 May 26th 2018 1:37pm

Hattie This number claims to be authorized by the CEO/Founder of Facebook Mr. Mark Zuckerberg to claim money for participating in a winners list. They keep asking for money. I think it is a scam.

  609-816-0485 May 26th 2018 1:28pm

iPhone User Called me and when I answered it was dead air space?

  253-777-3542 May 26th 2018 1:27pm

I thought I registered to filter these scams Claims to be from IRS initiating a law suit against me

  713-559-2003 May 26th 2018 1:15pm

iPhone User Calls on Saturday morning @ 8:10. No message left. Thanks for waking me up on my day off!

  614-695-4746 May 26th 2018 1:12pm

iPhone User Stealing passwords.

  443-545-8885 May 26th 2018 12:43pm

Michael This phone is used to scam men for money and they claim to live in Missouri

  617-603-1366 May 26th 2018 12:39pm

iPhone User Recruiter

  616-323-0185 May 26th 2018 11:57am

Kathy Y No information found. Submitting phone number to FCC as scam.












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