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  650-741-5531 August 19th 2018 10:41pm

Romance Scammer. Beware! Tries to take your money and will not leave you alone until you give her money. Once she gets money she continues to ask for more and will not leave you alone! Beware!!!

  818-795-8176 August 19th 2018 10:24pm

Stan Called, left no message, most probably a spoofed number

  619-972-9832 August 19th 2018 10:18pm

joesph chonody looking for joseph chonody on a dating site can u help? could be match 2 hes my son 39 years old phone 972 9823

  530-327-7521 August 19th 2018 9:57pm

iPhone User Keeps calling does not leave a message

  319-462-1050 August 19th 2018 9:56pm

Ashley Asked if i was in a safe place to answer questions for a survey about events happening in my state. Asked if I was a registered voter at my current address. I refused to give them any information and they asked for another person at my address. I kept refusing to give them personal information and they hung up.

  646-825-1113 August 19th 2018 9:54pm

iPhone User +1 (646) 825-1113 is the # I see on my phone. Then it is a garbled voice message.

  989-293-8664 August 19th 2018 9:49pm

[email protected] This number is a man that tries to sleep with married women and steals there must net and lies . He is a US army soldier that is in the special forces at 5th group. Ft.Campbell, KY. He wreaked my marriage and stole money from my wife and son

  972-921-6795 August 19th 2018 9:26pm

George Wingfield Trying to identify person who sent me a text.

  800-365-2024 August 19th 2018 9:15pm

Persistent scammer.

  325-998-6614 August 19th 2018 8:53pm

Sande I have been the owner of this number for 14 yrs. Does not belong to anyone else!!!!












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