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  248-840-8369 July 18th 2019 6:03am

Anonymous Who is this

  573-836-5176 July 18th 2019 6:01am

Anonymous Robbie Farley's number

  912-243-4217 July 18th 2019 5:58am

Anonymous I want to know where its at

  323-510-3990 July 18th 2019 5:51am

G This number is threatening my family and myself it needs to be investigated.

  276-337-7437 July 18th 2019 5:38am

Anonymous No one said anything

  213-352-7337 July 18th 2019 5:16am

Kyla lopez Share as much info

  501-463-6359 July 18th 2019 5:13am

David Griphin is his namw this man lived in California, he went toGhana Africia He is supposed to be there under a work contract. He is now trying to come back to the U.S. and needs help. I am willim ng to help him but I need to know if he is a scammer or is he in any trouble before I will help him Can you please check and see what you can find on him>

  866-499-5378 July 18th 2019 5:10am

BOODY This is total scam ... they have my sons name and they tell me that they have a case against my son… They call my son and tell them they have a case against him and they give him a case number… However there is no case against him or anyone in our family… My other son also got a phone call from these people saying that they had a case of some kind against my son which is not true this is a scam ....They tried to get all the personal information out of you that they can

  941-525-0329 July 18th 2019 5:04am

Anonymous Todd Garthwait, September 17,1963

  817-725-5056 July 18th 2019 4:42am

Anonymous I met this person on it's strange that she gave me her number so quick.












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