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  248-376-9026 January 23rd 2019 5:56pm

iPhone User Spam

  844-394-6747 January 23rd 2019 5:56pm

Deborah These guys are being used as an avenue to state that you owe $ on a collection bill . I dont owe anyone, any collection. Claims have legal docs being processed against you.

  660-988-2238 January 23rd 2019 5:56pm

John I don't know why they called me. I only do business if I make the call.

  408-676-1200 January 23rd 2019 5:55pm

iPhone User Spam

  318-614-9148 January 23rd 2019 5:55pm

iPhone User Several times a day I received this type of call why when I block the number they call back with another number

  631-500-7185 January 23rd 2019 5:53pm

DH Recording plays on answering: "This is the Treasury Dept. calling making our last attempt......" Yeah, whatever. Hung up.

  716-325-1672 January 23rd 2019 5:51pm

Deborah Trying to say i owed their client and i was having proceedings against me. I dont know these people.

  254-863-1200 January 23rd 2019 5:48pm

Deb Claiming i owe $ on a LARGE bill. Stated they were representing several legal matters. I do not nor never had acct w themor who they claimed i owed. Do not give them ANY INFORMATION OR EVEN VERIFY WHAT THEY SAY YOU HAVE FOR EXAMPLE VERIFYING SOCIAL NO.

  817-237-6723 January 23rd 2019 5:48pm

Robot voice said good bye after I picked up

  801-878-6209 January 23rd 2019 5:46pm

Dwight Adams Different numbers, but always "locksmith" with the same beginning numbers: 801 878_____. Incessant calling every weekday during the morning hours. Has the same physical address every time.












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